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Mobile Network 4G Speed Setting

 Even though 4G internet speed is often not available even though it is a full network, many people get stuck in their work which is a hassle but there are some ways to get good internet speed.

Mobile Network 4G Speed Setting:-

Fiber cable offers better speed

If fiber cable is used instead of copper cable in your area then the network will be better and speed will also be available. Therefore, it is advisable to use fiber cable.

If your internet is running slow, check the phone settings first. Go to network settings in phone settings and select the selected type of network as 4G or LTE.

Set up APN

Also check the access point network APN setting in the network settings, as it is necessary to have the correct APN for speed. Go to the APN settings menu and set the setting by default.
Apart from this keep an eye on the social media present in the phone. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram slow down and consume more data at the same time. Close Play Video by going to their settings. Set the phone's browser to data save mode. This can increase the speed of internet.

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