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Cooking gas customers get insurance up to Rs 50 lakh for free

Cooking gas customers get insurance up to Rs 50 lakh for free

There would be LPG cylinder in your home. But do you know that with LPG cylinder, you get insurance of up to Rs 50 lakhs for free? Yes, if the domestic gas cylinder, which we call the LPG cylinder, gets blast and if there is any incident, then the victim family has a right to get compensation of up to Rs 50 lakh.
For your information, let you know that the LPG consumers do not have to pay any kind of money for this insurance when booking LPG cylinder. The compensation received after the LPG cylinder burst is the insurance under public liability policy, under which no insurance is insured on the name of a person. This kind of insurance is on the name of those LPG consumers and their family members, with which there is an accident after the LPG cylinder blast.
In case of LPG cylinder blast, if the insurance company does not pay compensation or less compensation, then the victim’s side can go to court against the insurance company in this situation. For your information, let you know that the court decide the amount of compensation depending on the age factor, income and other conditions of the victim after the LPG cylinder burst. As you know that after the LPG cylinder blast, there may be the death, fire, or damage to the house. In view of all these aspects, the compensation is given after the assessment of the loss
For your information, let you know the insurance company gives the amount of compensation after the LPG cylinder bursts. But the victim or his family members have to make a claim with the insurance company after the accident caused by the LPG cylinder burst. If the victim’s side does not claim the compensation, then they can’t get any compensation for it.
The compensation received from the victim or his family after the accident is obtained through the distributor. The insurance company deposits the amount of the claim with the concerned gas dealer, after which the amount is received to the victim or his family. So, we advise you to use LPG cylinder carefully, and if you face the LPG cylinder incident, then claim for the compensation with the insurance company.

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