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Std 9 To 12 Bisag Timetable September 2020

Std 9 To 12 Bisag Timetable September 2020
Speaking of technology, the crisis could also be the spur to look at moving more systems and applications to the cloud - an area that insurers have lagged other sectors in. With more people working remotely, having systems in the cloud offers much greater bandwidth and capacity than if staff are accessing on-premise servers remotely. This is an opportunity for the insurance industry and could be the catalyst for this movement. Actuarial modelling software, for example, often sits on individuals' computers, as there are deemed to be security issues with putting it in the cloud. But with today's cloud services offering enhanced security protocols, perhaps the time has come for more of the industry to make the move.
More broadly, insurance businesses - as other sectors - need to embark on the digital transformation of their organizations, to become more agile, responsive and connected enterprises. Perhaps one legacy of the coronavirus crisis could be that it actually propels more insurers to do that.
These are extremely challenging times for individuals, families, businesses and indeed whole societies and economies. The insurance industry has a key role to play in supporting customers and societies through the crisis and recovery.

Std 9 To 12 Bisag Timetable September 2020

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