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Stylish Text App

Stylish Text App

Easily write stylish text in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other applications
Write stylish text anywhere and send it to anyone without opening the new app.

Stylish Text is allows you to add that special touch to any word or phrase that you want. Thanks to this tool you can completely modify any text you want and add some artistic flare to shake things up. The resulting text is easily shared through WhatsApp, Twitter or any other messaging app or social media site.

Using Stylish Text is beyond simple. This app was designed with user happiness in mind. From the main menu, you'll find there is an endless number of text styles to choose from and the result is always easy to test before you send it out.

Styles Popup
Use the stylish text floating bubble, floating bar or text selection menu options everywhere without having to open the main application each time.

Favorite styles
Manage the list of most frequently used styles. Use them with a floating bubble or floating bar and set a random order to style each word differently.

Input options
Convert your typed text into capital, small, random, camel, and reverse camel cases.

Style editor
Create a new style or edit with existing options to add symbols or emoji around letters, words, and phrases, replace one letter with other letters, or customize spacing between words.

Theme and Color
Midnight Blue and Pure Black theme with 16 different new application user interface colors.

Symbol picker
Choose from a collection of thousands of special Unicode symbols for decorative greetings and nick names.

Quick action
Copy, share, favorite or swipe to copy and swipe right to edit stylish text.

Block application
Block applications that you do not want to use with the stylish text floating bubble and floating bar.

If you like the way it looks, all you have to do is swipe or long press on the style you're looking for in order to copy it to your clipboard. Although you can also send it directly via WhatsApp if you use the right button.

Not only do you get tons of fonts to choose from, but there are also specific numbers and original artistic styles for you to browse through. Some of them will probably remind you of the zany handles people used to use on MSN messenger. Browse through any of the Stylish Text screens by tapping on the tabs near the lower corner of the app.

Stylish Text is an excellent app when it comes to personalizing your text and adding that personal touch. It's very easy to use and has a shortcut button that lets you activate your favorite styles without even having to open up the full app.

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